The Relativistic Lambda Cubed Laser

To carry out experiments in the relativistic lambda cube regime we have built a Ti:sapphire laser with pulses of ~10 to 12 optical cycles and a focal intensity of 5×1018 W/cm2. This 4 mJ laser is focused by an f/1.2 off axis paraboloid to a single wavelength (800nm) spot radius using a deformable mirror to correct wavefront distortions. The seed-pulse oscillator is stabilized to minimize carrier envelope off set frequency and can be channeled either through a hollow capillary waveguide, or through a self-generated filament to provide the bandwidth for 3-cycle pulses.


Figure 1 Diagram of the relativistic lambda cubed laser with a focal intensity of 5×1018W/cm2. Few cycle pulses can also be generated and focused with the output.


Figure 2 Regenerative amplifier with cryo-cooled Ti:sapphire.


Figure 3 Schematic of the chamber used for generating x-rays. Similar arrangements are used for most vacuum experiments.