Anatoly Maksimchuk

Research Scientist

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department

Office: 1010 Gerstacker Building

Address: 2200 Bonisteel Blvd. – Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2099

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (734)827-4165

Research area keywords: Laser-matter interaction at relativistic intensities, table-top particle accelerators, high-power short pulse lasers.

Research profile on ResearchGate, on Google Scholar and on Michigan Research Experts.

Dr. Anatoly Maksimchuk has a PhD from Lebedev Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Science (Moscow), where he participated in the inertial confinement fusion program and studied x-ray radiation transport in a hot dense plasma of the thermonuclear targets. In 1992 Dr. Maksimchuk has joined the University of Michigan attracted by the prospectives of using high-intensity lasers for production of hot dense plasma as an ultrashort pulse radiation source.

Using high-intensity lasers at CUOS Dr. Maksimchuk participated in the discoveries of many high-field science effects, such as laser wakefield electron acceleration and observation of collimated electron beams, observation of the nonlinear Thomson scattering, observation of the Coulomb explosion and ion acceleration in underdense plasma, observation of proton acceleration from thin film targets, radioactive isotope production with accelerated ions and high energy electrons, observation of relativistic harmonics generation from gases and solids and the others.

His current research projects include studies of laser-matter interaction at ultra-relativistic intensities and the development of table-top plasma accelerators for production of high-energy electron and proton beams and for generation of the ultrashort x-ray and gamma-ray radiation. These particles and radiation beams can be used for cancer radiation therapy or for research in solid-state physics, high-energy-density plasma physics and for atomic-scale imaging on femtosecond  time scale. Dr. Maksimchuk is a co-PI on a grant from the NSF to construct a 3PW ZEUS facility, where he oversees laser beam delivery system and manages three experimental areas. He is also the head of a 20 TW hybrid Ti:sapphire/Nd:glass laser facility.

In 2009 and 2014 Dr. Maksimchuk has received College of Engineering Outstanding Research Scientist Awards and in 2021 he received the University of Michigan Research Faculty Achievement Award

In 2013 Dr. Maksimchuk was elected to Fellow of the American Physical Society.