Igor Jovanovic

Professor – Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences, College of Engineering,
Professor – Applied Physics, College of Literature, Science and the Arts 

office: 1933 Cooley Building
address: 2355 Bonisteel Blvd. – Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2099
email: [email protected]

phone: (734) 647-4989

web – Applied Nuclear Science Groupansg.engin.umich.edu

Research area keywords: ultrafast optics, ultrahigh intensity lasers, laser-driven radiation sources, application of lasers in nuclear science

Research profile on Google Scholar and on Michigan Research Experts.

My research area spans the development of novel coherent ultrafast light sources and their applications in nuclear science and engineering. We are interested in designing and constructing novel ultra-broadband parametric amplifiers that span the range from ultraviolet to long-wave infrared and scalable to high peak and average power.  They will enable applications such as measurements of fundamental nonlinear optical properties of materials, production of pulses in the attosecond range, manipulation of charged particle beams in conventional or laser-driven accelerators, and optical spectroscopy for material detection. One exciting application of ultrahigh intensity lasers has been the production of ionizing radiation, which can be used not only to extend the energy frontier and improve the accessibility of radiation-generating facilities, but also to develop practical applications. We have been especially interested in the development of nuclear analytical techniques enabled by these novel sources, characterizing their performance, and using them to address the challenges in nuclear security, nonproliferation, and nuclear safety.